Excerpts from Kim Amos Books


  • one-more-kiss

    One More Kiss: EXCERPT

    Betty Sondheim studied the fresh-baked apple pie in her shopping cart and wondered what in the world was happening to her. The golden-colored filling looked rich enough to be called buried treasure, the way it was artfully folded under all that flaky crust..

  • Every Little Kiss: EXCERPT

    Every Little Kiss: EXCERPT

    Casey Tanner had never before had colleagues who played practical jokes. She’d once spilled a nonfat latte across her keyboard when a receptionist cackled too loudly while watching an online video about grandmas smoking pot…

  • And Then He Kissed Me: EXCERPT

    And Then He Kissed Me: EXCERPT

    Audrey Tanner suddenly understood why people hated Mondays. Sure, she’d dreaded them sometimes, maybe even been frustrated by them. But now she fully grasped the sheer loathing of them…

  • A Kiss To Build a Dream On: EXCERPT

    A Kiss to Build a Dream On: EXCERPT

    Willa Masterson shifted her shopping bags from one hand to the other as she rode the elevator up to her sixtieth-floor apartment. The highest you can go in this building, she often thought to herself, but not today…