Newsletter no. 2: October 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

one-more-kissWe all have things in our past we’d rather not share widely. For example, I’d prefer not to think about the time I rode my bike to meet a guy and thought I was super cool until my bike tipped over and I scraped myself up and was totally mortified.

Okay, I totally just told that story while trying to illustrate how we all have things we’d rather keep under wraps—but hopefully you see where I’m going! Which is all to say that the hero of ONE MORE KISS, Lutheran pastor Randall Sondheim, has a dark past he’d rather not let anyone in White Pine know about. Especially one particular person, Betty Lindholm, no matter that he’s head-over-heels for her.

The pastor and Betty have been favorite characters of mine since I started the White Pine series. Many of you have asked for me to tell their story—and I’m delighted to bring it to you now in this ebook for just $0.99.

I hope you enjoy their story. And please see below for more information on the next White Pine book, EVERY LITTLE KISS, coming October 27!

Big hugs and happy reading,
Kim Amos

ONE MORE KISS is available online now!


Newsletter no. 1: July 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

What would you think if a man you thought loved you suddenly dumped you, left you, then returned to town five years later…as your new boss?

That’s precisely what happens to Audrey Tanner in AND THEN HE KISSED ME — available in bookstores and online everywhere today — and let me tell you, she is none too pleased with the situation. Audrey vowed she’d never let bad boy Kieran Callaghan back into her heart, but she also can’t ignore the crackling chemistry that flares up every time they’re in the same room together. Can she steer clear of him, or will this Harley-riding man steal her heart and break it all over again?

Romantic Times Book Reviews gave AND THEN HE KISSED ME 4.5 stars and says “the verbal sparring between Kieran and Audrey is infectious, and their fiery chemistry jumps off the pages.” And Publishers Weekly says that “this determined and lovable heroine and her reformed bad boy will capture readers’ hearts.”

I loved writing Audrey and Kieran’s story, and I hope you will love reading it! If you’d like, you can read an excerpt of it here. The backdrop of the book’s asparagus festival is especially close to my heart as well. It was inspired by the real-life asparagus festival in Empire, Michigan, which happens the third week of May each year. Someday, I hope to see you there, and we can drink a pint of asparagus beer together (it’s a real thing, I promise!).

Big hugs and happy reading,
Kim Amos

AND THEN HE KISSED ME is available online and in bookstores everywhere! 

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