A Kiss To Build A Dream On


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If pride goes before a fall, Willa Masterson’s trip back to White Pine, Minnesota, should be one heck of a tumble. The girl who left her hometown––and her first love, Burk Olmstead–twelve years ago was spoiled and headstrong. But the woman who returns is determined to rebuild: first her family house, then her relationship with everyone in town, starting with a certain tall, dark, and sexy contractor.


Burk has no reason to believe Willa has changed, and every reason to discourage her from converting the Masterson house into a B&B. He has plans of his own for that house, and they certainly don’t include a no-vacancy sign. But Burk didn’t count on how distracting Willa’s bright green eyes or her all-to-familiar touch would feel––or how impossible she will be to resist.


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